Idiom:  bear a grudge


Idiom:  bear (hold) a grudge (against someone)

  • to continue to be angry and not forgive someone
  • be very resentful

Example sentences

— I apologized many times for calling my sister "fat" when she was a teenager but she still bears a grudge against me 25 years later.

— I suggest you see a psychiatrist. It's terrible what happened to you but holding a grudge against someone is really bad for your emotional and physical health. 

— My boss still bears a grudge against me because management complimented me on my research for the report. 

— Are you honestly still holding a grudge against your neighbor because of some little incident from when you were 15 years old?

— I really hate family events because my father and uncle still hold a grudge against each other from years ago. 

— Why do you bear a grudge against my husband? I'd really like to know. 

— My grandmother still bears a grudge against my mother because she told everyone my grandmother was actually six years older than she'd been telling everyone.

— I feel like my friend Jonathan is holding a grudge against me but he insists everything is fine.


  • have hard feelings

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