Idiom:  be over


Idiom:  be over

  • to be finished

Example sentences

— I’m so glad final exams are over and summer is here.

— When the storm was over we were surprised to see a huge tree had fallen into our neighbors' living room.

— When will this rain be over? It's been pouring down day after day for more than a week now. 

— When this show is over I want you to help me set the table for dinner. 

— My date thought the Opera was over but it was only intermission and I could see how disappointed she was. 

— Once the football season is over you need to concentrate harder on your studies or you won't be playing baseball this spring.

— I thought my cold was over but I woke up this morning coughing again. 

— I will come right home as soon as my shift is over

— This relationship is over. Don't contact me ever again!

— Is the meeting over yet?  I need the director to sign something.

— We're hoping that the Coronavirus will be over before my daughter's wedding.

— I doubt the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be over in my lifetime.


  • wind up
  • wrap up

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