Idiom:  bark is worse than one’s bite


Idiom:  someone's bark is worse than one’s bite

  • someone is not as bad or as difficult as they seem to be

Note:  A bark is the noise that a dog makes.  Most often a dog's bark is used as a warning and the animal is not planning to attack or bite someone.  This is where the phrase comes from.

Example sentences

— My girlfriend told me her father’s bark is worse than his bite and not to worry when I meet him this weekend.

— Don't be intimidated by the #1 seed in the tournament—his bark is worse than his bite.

— Don't worry, his bark is  worse than his bite. He's really a friendly man when you get to know him.

— My secretary is sometimes moody but her bark is worse than her bite.  Honestly, don't hesitate to contact her if you need anything.

— At first, I thought the guy in the IT department was a difficult person but his bark is worse than his bite.

— I'm tired of telling everyone your bark is worse than your bite. We expect you to be kind and courteous to everyone at work, not just our clients.

— My father-in-law's bark is worse than his bite but it still makes me uncomfortable.

— Let me warn you in advance of your appointment that this doctor's bark is worse than his bite.  I wish he was friendlier but I assure you he's the very best at treating Lyme disease.

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