Idiom:  bang for the buck


Idiom:  bang for the buck

  • good value for the money spent
  • a lot of value for little money

(Note:  in English the word "buck" is slang for a dollar).

Example sentences

— I recommend you buy this television because it has the best bang for the buck.

— Which of these brands will give me the best bang for the buck?

— Getting your cable TV, internet and mobile phone services together from one company offers the best bang for the buck

— Excuse me, which of these laptops would offer me the best bang for the buck?

— I'm really not interested in a lot of features.  I just want a reliable car that will get me a good bang for the buck.

— I guarantee this mattress will give you a great bang for the buck. If you don't believe me, read these unbiased customer reviews on

— I'm so glad we traveled to Turkey. It was a really interesting country and because the Turkish lira was so weak, this destination offered us a terrific bang for the buck.

— My husband always looks for the best bang for the buck so I hate shopping with him. I don't like spending the whole day shopping. If I see something l like I just buy it.

— If you can't afford to buy an iPhone, I'd recommend this Samsung. This model will give you the best bang for the buck.


  • good value for money

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