Idiom:  back off


Idiom:  back off

  • to not do something you planned on doing

Example sentences

— I worked really hard on the project for the past two weeks but my boss told me to back off it until our clients have paid their invoice.

— If you back off punishing Samantha for stealing, she'll never change and won't take you seriously again. 

— Let's back off the launch until we're sure we can deliver the product on time.

— Unfortunately, we have to back off buying a house until next year. My husband's company may be merging with another and we're not sure what impact that might have on his job.

— My son has backed off moving to San Francisco until he's saved a little more money.

— We've backed off hiring Mr Johnson because we're concerned by some of the comments his references have made about his work performance.

— My doctor told me to back off spicy foods to see if that helps reduce my acid reflux.

— Tell the marketing team to back off using really thin models in the future.

— You need to back off nagging our kids. Tell them to do something once and then discipline right away if they misbehave.


  • give up

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