Idiom:  back in the game


Idiom:  back in the game

  • to become involved or active in something again
  • returning to some activity after an absence

Example sentences

— After six months of maternity leave, my wife is finally back in the game. She returned to work last week.

— I hope to be back in the game very quickly after surgery next month.

— Can you believe how quickly my next door neighbor got back in the dating game after his divorce?

— Rafael Nadal's injury is so significant he won't be back in the game until next year.

— It's amazing how easily Serena Williams got back in the game after her pregnancy.

— The singer vowed to be back in the game after rehab but most people are skeptical about her return.

— I'd be surprised if my assistant could be back in the game within the next six months so let's look at the cost of hiring a temporary employee.

— I'm really sorry to hear you have to take a leave of absence. When do you think you might be back in the game?

— Unfortunately, due to a water damage our store will be closed for repairs. Don't worry, we'll be back in the game sometime next month.

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