Idiom:  at the outside


Idiom:  at the outside

  • no more than
  • used to say something is the largest possible amount or number

Example sentences

— We’ll need a week more to finish painting at the outside.

— Don’t worry I’ll be there in an hour at the outside.

— Don't wait up for us mom. We'll be back by 12:30 am at the outside.

— It's already been three hours. They promised to complete my print job in an hour at the outside.

— How much will these repairs cost me at the outside?

— To fix this we're talking $1,200 at the outside but probably closer to $1,000.

— You're going to need 1,500 yards of yarn at the outside to crochet a baby blanket.

— The estimated date of delivery for the car is August 15 at the outside. Shall we order it?

— We're leaving at 9:00 am at the outside so please be here by 8:45 am at the latest.

— I think I weighed 220 pounds at the outside but I'm not sure because I was too afraid to weigh myself after I topped 200.

— If you want to travel to Mexico you'll only need $700 at the outside in non-peak season.


  • at the most
  • at most

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