Idiom:  at odds (with someone)


Idiom:  at odds (with someone / something)

  • not in agreement

Example sentences

— Suddenly my best friends are at odds with each other so now I have to see them separately.

— I’ve been at odds with the board of directors regarding salaries for months.

— My philosophy on how to raise kids was at odds with my ex-husband's so it's good we were never able to get pregnant.

— Unfortunately, the data was at odds with our hypothesis.

— It's going to be a long week. My boss is at odds with the CFO again.

— The President's policies are at odds with the majority of Americans' wishes.

— It's not easy to keep peace at home when my in-laws are always at odds with me.

— If you're always at odds with your girlfriend, why don't you split up?

— My business partner and I are at odds about the direction to take the company.

— The dog we rescued got along perfectly with our cat but was at odds with one of our dogs so we couldn't keep her.


  • along different lines
  • diametrically opposed
  • not in keeping
  • out of line with
  • out of sync

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