Idiom:  at (the very) least


Idiom:  at (the very) least

  1.  at a minimum, no less than, a particular amount or number (probably more)
  2.  any way, even if nothing else happens or is true

Example sentences

— At least 50 people will be at the conference but let’s make a reservation for 60 to be safe.

— At the very least I expect you to start arriving on time every day this month or we’re going to terminate your employment.

— I may not like it but at least I have a job.

— At least you could have let me know that you'd changed your mind and weren't coming.

— At the very least he should be charged with lying under oath.

— Our president is the worst!  We should be trying to teach our kids to tell the truth at the very least.

— Well, at least you learned what not to do. Don't be discouraged. Keep trying and eventually you will succeed.

— The forecast is calling for 12 inches of snow at the very least so it would be wise to do some grocery shopping today and get new batteries.

— You should be at the airport at least two hours in advance for international flights.

At least I was able to see my mother for a few hours before she passed away.

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