Idiom:  (as) easy as pie

Picture of a hand holding a plate with a piece of strawberry and cherry pie to depict the idiom "easy as pie," which means very easy. Caption: Learning English is easy as pie!


Idiom:  (as) easy as pie

  • very easy

Note: You  may say that something "as easy as pie" or "easy as pie."

Example sentences

— Don't worry, skiing is as easy as pie.  You'll learn it very quickly.

— For me, learning a new language is easy as pie. I enjoy the process and learning about different cultures.

— I wish learning English was easy as pie for me but I'm embarrassed and nervous about making mistakes.

— Phew! That test was as easy as pie and I barely studied for it.

— Getting the vaccine was easy as pie. Don't worry about it!

— My son thinks physics is easy a pie. I don't know who he takes after.

— Freshmen year was easy as pie but I'm struggling as a Sophomore.

— I thought learning Italian would be as easy as pie since I know some Spanish but now I'm confusing the two languages.

— Don't worry. If you're flying business class on Emirates, the 14-hour flight will be easy as pie.

— We had to transfer three times on the metro but actually, it was as easy as pie.

— My sister found losing her pregnancy weight easy as pie so I hope it will be the same for me.

— In my 20s, recovering from drinking all night at a club was easy as pie. Now I get hangovers and need to rest the next day. 


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