Idiom:  all at once


all at once:  

  • happening suddenly or abruptly
  • happening together at the same time

Example sentences

— It was really sunny when we started our walk but all at once the sky turned dark grey and it started raining really hard.

— All at once he felt dizzy and a tightness in his chest and then he had a heart attack.

— Something is wrong. All at once my husband has started to buy me flowers and gifts.

— Okay, class don't everyone yell out the answer all at once.  Raise your hand and I'll call on you individually.

— Don't add the vegetable broth all at once.  Add a little bit at a time and then let the rice simmer and slowly absorb the liquid before adding a little more.

— My finances were great until several bad things happened all at once:  My computer died, my bike was stolen and I owe more taxes than I thought.

— When Sarah walked through the door she was shocked when everyone yelled "Happy Birthday" all at once.

— All at once the sofa caught on fire and we were barely able to leave the apartment in time.

— Everything happened so fast and all at once so I can’t really remember much about it.

— If we don't get our orders all at once please go ahead and eat so your food won't get cold.

— My husband was feeling fine and then all at once he felt like death crawled into bed with him. Of course, he tested positive for the Coronavirus.

—  All at once, the sofa caught on fire and we were barely able to leave the apartment before it was engulfed in flames.

 Everything happened so fast and all at once so I can't remember the individual details of the shooting at our school.

 Don't everyone volunteer all at once to join the clean-up crew.

 Everyone was shouting directions all at once so I couldn't understand anyone.

 Do you really thing it's a good idea to take six college classes and work all at once?

 My kids yelled "yes" all at once when I ask them if they wanted to order pizza.


  • all of a sudden
  • in unison / in concert

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