Idiom:  all along


Idiom:  all along

  • the entire or whole time

Example sentences

  • I got divorced because my husband was cheating on me all along with his old girlfriend.
  • We were hoping all along that you'd come to California for college but we didn't want you to feel any pressure.
  • I knew all along that my boyfriend was going to propose to me tonight. That's why I got a manicure and a haircut this morning.
  • Did you know all along that they were planning a surprise party for my 50th birthday?
  • I thought you were my friend but you've been talking behind my back all along.
  • He thanked his fans during his victory speech for supporting him all along.
  • Harry Potter thought Professor Snape was against him but he was supporting him all along.
  • When they arrested the accountant for embezzlement he realized they were monitoring him all along.
  • The detective knew all along who committed the crime but he didn't have proof until the suspect used the same gun during a second robbery.


  • the whole time
  • all the while

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