Idiom:  against the odds


Idiom:  against the odds / against all odds

  • despite a lot of difficulty or challenges

Example sentences

— Against the odds, I beat the number one ranked player today.

— I really admire how Lindsey Vonn came back against all odds to win another skiing championship.

— My mother had me when she was 52. The pregnancy was against the odds but 25 years later, my mom and I are both perfectly healthy.

— Since she had to play three extra matches to get in the tournament as a qualifier, her run to the trophy was truly against the odds.

— Oprah Winfrey grew up so poor it was against all odds that she became a billionaire.

— My daughter wants to be a super model when she grows up but it would be against the odds since she's short and not very attractive.

— Against the odds, my son beat prostrate cancer after a two year battle.

— It would be against the odds to win the lottery but anything's possible.

— Getting into Harvard with my grades would be against the odds so I'm not going to waste my time and money applying.

— The refugees made it across the ocean to Greece in a raft against all odds.

— The baby was born several months premature but she survived against the odds.


  • a long shot
  • the odds/cards are stacked against someone
  • to not have a chance/hope in hell

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