Idiom:  after the fact


idiom:  after the fact 

  • after something has already happened
  • done or made after something has happened and it's too late to change it

Example sentences

— We had to write to the airline after the fact because we forgot to bring our frequent flyer membership cards with us when we checked in for our flight.

— We found out after the fact that the person we purchased the car from had gotten into a major accident that he didn't tell us about.

— If we had known there were going to be so many expenses before the trip we wouldn't have gone but we found out after the fact.

— I found out after the fact that I couldn't bring my backpack into the concert so I had to get a different line to put it into a locker.

— Everyone thought Joe was such a great worker but we learned after the fact that he had stolen almost $50,000 from the company.

— What good will the concert tickets be after the fact? I needed that package to arrive this morning!

— I'm really sorry but you can't make any changes to the brochure after the fact—it's already gone to the printer.

— We absolutely have to send the contract to our lawyer for review because the last time this client tried to change some of the terms of our agreement after the fact.

— Can you please sign this birthday card?  Unfortunately, we didn't find out until after the fact that it was John's birthday last Friday.

— I didn't have time to complain during the conference but I wrote a scathing letter to Hilton Hotels' customer service after the fact and they sent me a coupon for $500 off my next hotel stay.

— If you have something to say, tell me now. I don't want to find out after the fact that you were upset about something.

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