Idiom:  act out


act out:  

  • to behave badly, especially when angry
  • to behave inappropriately when upset

Example sentences

— My younger brother always acts out when he doesn’t get to watch cartoons in the morning.

— My husband was acting out when I was late coming home so I told him to stop being so selfish and prepare dinner himself once in awhile.

— Little children often act out when they're tired and hungry.

— It's really unprofessional when my boss acts out with the marketing staff when he doesn't close a sale.

— Just tell me what you want instead of acting out like a little kid!

— I'm so embarrassed when my children act out at church and I've tried everything to stop their awful behavior.

— Perhaps you should take your children to see a psychiatrist if they're acting out on a daily basis.

— Don't worry, my two-year-old acted out frequently until he turned three.


  • act up
  • raise hell
  • carry on

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