Idiom:  a raw deal


Idiom:  a raw deal

  • unfair or inadequate treatment

Example sentences

— I got a raw deal with my desk and computer because I started a week later than the rest of the team.

— Did you get a raw deal or did you just except the first offer without negotiating a higher salary?

— Our boss handed out our assignments and as usual, I got a raw deal and have to work with Sandy on the project.

— If you keep handing him raw deals, he's going to leave the company. Or is that your objective?

— The travelers on the tour who got rooms without sea views felt they'd gotten a raw deal.

— My first sponsorship was a raw deal but I didn't want my fans to hear me complain publicly.

— Many singers get a raw deal with their first recording contracts because they have no leverage against the big record companies.

— I got a raw deal on my last flight. I paid $4,500 to sit next to a guy who had horrible body odor and snored the whole flight. They wouldn't let me move to coach without buying another ticket.

— All of my fellow students got huge signing bonuses when they joined their law firms but I got a really raw deal.

— This time I'm bringing my brother with me when I buy a new car. Last time, I got a raw deal.

 Women almost always get a raw deal during salary negotiations.

— Are you serious? I'm not going to settle for a raw deal like this. Consider it again and make me a respectable offer.


  • bad rap
  • rotten hand
  • tough luck
  • ill fortune

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