Idiom:  a new lease on life


Idiom:  a new lease on life

  • a new chance to be happy or successful after going through difficulties or hardships
  • new energy and enthusiasm

Example sentences

— Since he recovered from surgery he’s had a new lease on life and seems to be doing very well.

— Quitting the stressful job has given me a new lease on life and I’m spending more time with my family.

— I was given a new lease on life when the judge gave me probation instead of jail time.

— After the divorce, it felt like I had a new lease on life

— Replacing the foam in the seat cushions gave our sofa a new lease on life.

— My daughter has a new lease on life since she changed schools and no one bullies her anymore.

— Gastric band surgery and losing 235 pounds gave me a new lease on life.

— The $250,000 grant for upgrades will give our community center a new lease on life.

— Dating someone 20 years younger has given my grandpa a new lease on life.


  • breathe life into
  • give birth to
  • put new life into
  • a fresh start

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