Idiom:  a means to an end


Idiom:  a means to an end

  • something that is done to obtain or achieve something else

Example sentences

— Going to college used to be a means to an end for young girls to find their future husbands.

— I hope volunteering here for a year will be a means to an end for getting hired here.

— Working as a caddy was just a means to an end to get close to CEOs and business executives.

— Modeling was really a means to an end for Angelina Jolie to get into acting.

— I see this unpaid internship as a means to an end for making important contacts at the United Nations.

— Don't worry, waitressing is just a means to an end for me.

— I'd hoped being an administrative assistant would be a means to an end for me but I'm still in the same role after four years.

— I hate college.  It's just a means to an end for me to find a spouse.


  • a ticket to something
  • someone's best bet
  • the way to go

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