Idiom:  a lone voice in the wilderness


Idiom:  a (lone) voice (crying) in the wilderness

  • someone who says something that’s not popular
  • someone whose opinions or suggestions are ignored

Example sentences

— At the management meeting, my suggestion to give everyone a small bonus was a lone voice in the wilderness.

— In class, I always feel like a lone voice in the wilderness because of my liberal opinions.

— Until my coworker arrived, I was a voice crying in the wilderness to reduce our office's wasteful paper and toner usage.

— I admire you for persevering as a lone voice crying in the wilderness about voter registration rights.

— Sometimes I feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness about getting better working conditions.

— It takes bravery to be a voice in the wilderness.

— Before the recent "Me too" movement, I was a lone voice crying in the wilderness about sexual harassment in the workplace.

— I got tired of being a lone voice in the wilderness and finally accepted I would have to get another job because no one was going to listen to me.

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