Idiom: above suspicion

Visual with definition and examples of the idiom "above suspicion": Eg., Surely the priest is above suspicion, isn't he?


above suspicion:  

  1. Not believed to have done something wrong
  2. So good or honest that the person is not suspected of wrong doing
  3. Guilt-free


— My parents always think my sister is above suspicion because she’s the oldest but usually she’s to blame.

— Police officers are normally above suspicion but they've had a number of problems in this department for the past year.

— The judge will certainly be confirmed by the Senate because he is respected and above suspicion.

— You better be certain you are right before you accuse the director because he's always been above suspicion.

— Don't blame the babysitter because we know she's above suspicion.

— The detective determined easily that the victim's husband was above suspicion.

— Normally teachers are above suspicion but the school principal was concerned some were giving students the answers before their tests.

— Unfortunately, none of my children are above suspicion so either of them could have broken your window.

— We thought our church pastor was above suspicion so we were shocked when he was arrested.


  • lawful
  • innocent and pure
  • honorable

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