Idiom: Tower of strength

3 girls standing on top of each other cheering: My friends are a tower of strength for me. After my surgery, I couldn't have visitors but they still cheered me on outside my hospital window.


Idiom:  tower or strength / pillar of strength

  • Someone you can trust or depend on to give you support and encouragement in times of trouble or difficulty.

Note:  These idioms are equally common and have the same meaning:  tower of support and a pillar of support.

Image of a tower and a pillar

Let's check some vocabulary before we get to the examples.

Understanding the meanings of "tower" and "pillar" will make this idiom much easier to understand and remember.

A tower is a tall, narrow structure that forms part of a building or that can stand by itself. Historically, towers were used for defensive or military purposes—so it's easy to understand it's use as a sense of support in this idiom.

A pillar is a tall column that is made of stone, wood or metal and it is often used to support a building or other type of structure.

Example sentences

— Our neighbor has been a tower of strength for my wife while I've been serving in Afghanistan the past six months.

— After I broke both of my legs, my mother was my pillar of strength. She flew to California immediately to help me and our twin toddlers.

— My best friend has always been my tower of strength in difficult times but she's never happy for me in good times.

— I promise to be your tower of strength whenever you are struggling or feeling alone.

— Our pastor is really our pillar of strength. He prays with us in difficult times.

— I'd probably not be alive if it weren't for my Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor. She's been a pillar of support for me in when I feel like drinking.

— My girlfriends had always been my tower of strength but were not supportive of me getting a divorce. Luckily, I found a good therapist who helped me through that situation.

— Normally, your spouse should be a pillar of strength but mine has belittled me and betrayed my trust time after time.

— I'm so proud that our neighbors have been pillars of strength for each other during this pandemic. We even developed a fund to help those financially impacted.

— Lady Gaga was my pillar of strength when I was young. Her songs comforted me greatly.

 My friends are a tower of support for me. After my surgery, I couldn't have visitors but they still came to support me and cheer me on outside my hospital window.


  • support group
  • support network
  • right-hand man
  • be a life saver

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