Idiom:  zoom in on something


Idiom:  zoom in on something

  • to examine or look at something more closely

Example sentences

— Zoom in on that part of the map; I think I recognize that area.

— Our seats are so far up in the stands that I always bring binoculars to the game so I can zoom in on the action on the field.

— Did you know you can zoom in on that part of the photo by doing this?

— Did you know you can zoom in on something on the screen if you press the Ctrl and + buttons?

— My parents immediately zoomed in on the weakest part of my excuse for not getting better grades this past semester. 

— Let's now zoom in on the question of the effectiveness of sanctions.

— We should have zoomed in on why our customers abandon their shopping carts without completing their purchases.

—  At this point, we'll zoom in on what you should be doing to prepare yourself the day before and the day of the exam.


  • zero in on

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