Idiom:  yours truly


Idiom:  yours truly

  • me, myself

This expression is most often used to identify who someone is or to identify the person who has done something.

Example sentences

A:  "Wow, who cooked all this good food?"  B:  "Yours truly."

That brilliant idea came from yours truly.

A:  Wow, there's a brand new sports car out front.  B: Yep, it belongs to yours truly

A:  Who decorated the conference room for the party?  B:  Sarah and yours truly

And, here's your dinner—prepared by yours truly since mom won't be home until later tonight.

A:  Who's in that photo?  B:  My mom, my dad and yours truly, when I was three years old.

A:  I love the décor! Did you hire an interior decorator?  B:  Nope, it was all done by yours truly.

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