Idiom:  you can say that again


Idiom:  you can say that again

  • used to say you strongly agree with something that someone said

Example sentences

— A: "This pie is delicious."  B: "You can say that again!"

— A: "The weather is so hot and humid today."  B: "You can say that again."

— A: "I hate going back to work on Mondays."   B: "You can say that again.".

— A: "My wife is so annoying."  B:  "You can say that again.".  A: "Excuse me?"  B: "Nothing..."

— A: "Ugh! There's always a huge line at the post office."  B: "You can say that again."

— A: "Marco's serves the best Italian food in town." B: "You can say that again. I love their spaghetti alle vongole."

— A: "Thanks for this birthday party. I have the best friends."  B: "You can say that again!"

— A: "I hope I never have to experience a major earthquake."  B: "You can say that again."


  • you said it
  • you're telling me
  • amen to that
  • hear! hear!
  • I couldn't agree more
  • I'll second that
  • I'll give you that
  • I'll drink to that
  • my sentiments exactly
  • the feeling is mutual

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