Idiom:  (all) year round


Idiom:  (all) year round

  • during the whole year
  • happening all year

Example sentences

— Most people only eat roast turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving and Christmas but we keep it on the menu all year round at our restaurant.

— The indoor rink allows us to practice ice skating all year round.

— Our resort is open all year round, with guests skiing in the winter and mountain biking and hiking in the summer.

— Our office is open year round, except we close at 3:00 pm in the summer.  

— Do you get a lot of rain year round or just in one particular season?  

— Fortunately, we've had lots of tourists year round the past few years.

— We're pretty busy year round but during peak season we hire extra help to fulfill orders.  

— We used to spend the winters in Florida but now my wife wants to stay in a warm place all year round because she has severe arthritis.   

— Previously, we only made pumpkin muffins and squash soup in the fall but now our clients demand these foods all year round.

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