Idiom:  wide open


Idiom:  wide open

  • not decided or determined yet

Example sentences

— We haven’t even selected a venue yet so the planning is wide open.

— There are five contestants left in the final round so the competition is still wide open.

— Our top three candidates rejected our offer so the position is once again wide open.

— Exit polls show the race is still wide open and the candidates are still campaigning until the polls close.

— I have visited ten universities but I'm still wide open about where I'll apply.

— There's an eight-way tie for first place so the tournament is wide open after three rounds of golf.

— We haven't been able to reach consensus. Both the topics and the speakers for the conference are wide open.

— The guest list is still wide open but the reception hall can only hold 300 people.

— A:  Any progress on this year's award? B: No, the list of nominees is wide open and we're unable to reach an agreement on who to give it to.


  • too close to call

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