Idiom:  wet behind the ears


Idiom:  wet behind the ears

  • young, immature or not experienced

Example sentences

— He's a promising tennis player but his outbursts on court show he's wet behind the ears

— I will ask the new intern to try to write the report but she's wet behind the ears so I don't know if she can do it.

— These college freshman girls are really wet behind the ears and the frat boys take advantage of their naïveté.

— I feel so wet behind the ears at my new job but I’m working late every day to try to learn as fast as I can.

— I try to mentor the new college graduates at our firm because they’re so wet behind the ears they can be taken advantage of.

— Young models should never travel internationally without their parents because they’re just too wet behind the ears and horrible things have happened in this industry.

— I’m so glad I’m no longer wet behind the ears. Those years starting out in marketing and sales were really difficult.

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