Idiom:  walk all over someone


Idiom:  walk all over someone

  • to treat someone badly and without respect
  • to make someone do something for you while not considering their feelings

When you walk all over someone, you do not respect them and treat them as if they are inferior. The person who walks over another person does not care how their behavior affects the other person's feelings.

Example sentences

—  My sister let her kids walk all over her for years but she’s finally saying “no” to them.

—  Say something! Don’t let your roommate walk all over you.

—  I'm not going to let my aunt walk all over me anymore.

—  Your dogs don't obey you because you let them walk all over you. They need you to be the top dog.

—   A:  I don't know why I let people walk all over me.  B: Why? It's because you are insecure and are afraid people won't like you.

—  I used to walk all over my parents until I was 18 and they told me to move out.

—  If you want your children to be more assertive, you cannot allow your wife to keep walking all over you.

—  It is your fault if someone is walking all over you. Stop being a victim!

—  At first, we were happy my brother moved in with my elderly mother but soon he was just walking all over her and we had to move her to a care home.

—  We're stunned how our teacher walks all over the principal—It's embarrassing actually.

—  My brother thinks he's so nice and caring to his girlfriend. In reality, he's afraid that if he doesn't let her walk all over him that she'll break up with him.


  • take advantage of
  • take liberties with

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