Idiom:  vanish into thin air


vanish into thin air:  

(Note:  another version of this idiom is disappear into thin air).

  • to be gone quickly and completely.
  • disappear suddenly and completely

Example sentences

— When I asked my roommates to help me clean our apartment everyone vanished into thin air.

— This is the best stain remover ever. Just spray a little on the clothing, pop it into the washer and the stain will disappear into thin air.

— Where did my keys go? They seem to have vanished into thin air.

— It's been brought to my attention that many of you who bring food to meetings just vanish into thin air afterwards without cleaning up. If this doesn't change we will have to prohibit food and drinks.

— Have you seen the director? He said he'd come over to see me after he talked to my boss but now he's vanished into thin air.

— Did you try the chocolates I brought back from Switzerland?" "No, I didn't have a chance I guess they vanished into thin air the moment you put them out."

— Don't worry about that pimple.  Just apply this cream and it will disappear into thin air.

— I turned my back for one moment at the park and in that time my dog had vanished into thin air.

— Whenever I put chocolates in the kitchen at the office, they disappear into thin air within just a few minutes.


  • disappear into thin air
  • vanish without a trace
  • disappear without a trace
  • vanish out of sight
  • vanish off the face of the earth
  • fall off the grid

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