Idiom:  up to par


Idiom:  up to par

  • at the usual and expected standard

Example sentences

— Their customer service is no longer up to par so we switched to another company.

— I’m sorry, but your singing isn’t up to par with the rest of the group so we’ve got to find someone else.

— Can you please redo this flower arrangement? It's not up to par.

— What's going on with your grades? They weren't up to par this semester.

— My performance wasn't up to par so I got cut from the team.

— The survey shows the seminar wasn't up to par but we did get some good feedback on how we can make improvements. 

— Who did this translation? It's not up to par and needs further revision.

— Ugh. My sales performance is not up to par this month and my manager is going to make me work overtime.

— I know our figures are not up to par but it's entirely because of the pandemic.

— The cleanliness of the office is not up to par. We never should have switched cleaning companies.

— His batting average has not been up to par since his operation. I wonder if he'll ever get back to his old form.

— I've stopped buying cappuccinos at Starbucks because their drinks are no longer up to par. Every time they use a different amount of milk.


  • up to scratch
  • up to snuff

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