Idiom:  up against something


Idiom:  up against something (also: up against it)

  • in opposition with something / someone
  • facing a serious difficulty or problem

Example sentences

— In her next match, she’s up against a much more difficult player.

— I can’t go out tonight because I’m up against a tough deadline and have to work.

— Farmers are up against it again this year because of extremely dry conditions.

— Today, we're up against a tremendous virus that's causing a worldwide pandemic.

— Unfortunately, my husband lost his job a few months ago. We are really up against it now.

— Do we really want to bring a child in a world that's up against so many challenges from deadly pandemics to global climate change?

 Once we get to the ski resort you see what you're really up against. The slopes are fantastic.

 As a black kid from a poor family I was sometimes scared to go up against the kids from wealthy families but I actually did well on the debate team.

— He performs best when he's up against serious competition with the clock running out.

— Sorry we cannot join you for drinks. John is up against several deadlines this month.

— The incumbent senator is finally up against a difficult challenger in the primary elections.

— In law school you're going to be up against so many other talented students.

— After the economic crash many families found themselves up against it.

— I worked and studied part-time at a state university instead of taking out student loans. I didn't want to be up against it for 30 years like my sister.


  • up against the wall
  • be in dire straits
  • be (caught) stuck between a rock and a hard place
  • out of your depth
  • under the gun
  • up to your eye/nose/neck in something

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