Idiom:  up against something


Idiom:  up against something (also: up against it)

  • in opposition with something / someone
  • facing a serious difficulty or problem

Example sentences

— In her next match, she’s up against a much more difficult player.

— I can’t go out tonight because I’m up against a tough deadline and have to work.

— Farmers are up against it again this year because of extremely dry conditions.

— Today, we're up against a tremendous virus that's causing a worldwide pandemic.

— Unfortunately, my husband lost his job a few months ago. We are really up against it now.

— Do we really want to bring a child in a world that's up against so many challenges from deadly pandemics to global climate change?

— In law school you're going to be up against so many other talented students.

— He performs best when he's up against serious competition with the clock running out.

— Sorry we cannot join you for drinks. John is up against several deadlines this month.

— The incumbent senator is finally up against a difficult challenger in the primary elections.

— After the economic crash many families found themselves up against it.

— I worked and studied part-time at a state university instead of taking out student loans. I didn't want to be up against it for 30 years like my sister.


  • be in dire straits
  • be (caught) stuck between a rock and a hard place
  • out of your depth
  • under the gun
  • up to your eye/nose/neck in something

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