Idiom:  under the table


Idiom:  under the table

  • something done secretly (and often illegally)

Note:  When used as an adjective, dashes are included:  under-the-table

Example sentences

— If you want to get a window seat at that restaurant you need to give the hostess $50 under the table.

— The mayor was recently convicted of awarding construction contracts under the table.

— We found out the football coach was taking under-the-table payments to allow certain players to get on the team.

— Housing is so limited near campus you won't get into those apartments unless you offer the landlord something under the table.

— I was really offended when my student's father offered me $1,000 under the table to change her grade.

— Where I come from you have to pay under the table at every stage of the construction process of the project.

— Let's offer Samantha a $10,000 signing bonus under the table. Be sure she signs a confidentiality agreement if she accepts our offer.

— Unfortunately, politicians sometimes award under-the-table contracts to companies.

— Many illegal immigrants get paid under the table so the government lose revenue when it can't collect taxes on wages or payroll.

— My sister sells bakery items under the table but hopes to register a business and rent kitchen space next year.


  • back door
  • on the quiet
  • wrapped (up) in secrecy
  • behind closed doors
  • hush hush

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