Idiom:  under the knife


Idiom:  under the knife

  • to have an operation or medical surgery

Example sentences

  • In Hollywood, it’s completely normal for women to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery after the age of 20.
  • I’m so scared because my husband is going under the knife this afternoon and I don’t want anything to happen to him.
  • Everyone says she went under the knife but it could just be Botox and good contouring makeup.
  • I'd rather age gracefully, as they say, instead of going under the knife.
  • Yes, my sister went under the knife but it was to correct a deviated septum not for cosmetic reasons.
  • I delayed the procedure until I could go home to the Philippines—I couldn't afford to go under the knife in the USA.
  • Don't worry! People go under the knife every day to treat this condition. You'll be fine!
  • I'm sorry but any time you go under the knife there's the possibility of complications with anesthesia.
  • He's decided to go under the knife one last time to repair torn ligaments but there are no guarantees he can return to professional basketball.
  • My doctor recommends I go under the knife but I'm exploring alternatives including yoga and acupuncture which are often effective for back pain.


  • have a procedure

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