Idiom:  under the influence


Idiom:  under the influence (of someone or something)

  • feeling and experiencing the effects of drugs, alcohol or the control of a powerful person

Example sentences

— Don’t drink and drive—there are severe penalties for people who are under the influence when they drive.

— I can’t talk to you seriously when you’re under the influence. Let's talk tomorrow morning.

— The policeman suspected the driver was under the influence and he gave him a breathalyzer test.

— If your child is caught even one time under the influence at the camp, he or she will be sent home on the earliest flight possible.

— It's really shocking how many medical professionals work under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

— My husband made some really poor decisions when he was under the influence and has finally agreed to go to rehab.

— Drivers at our company are randomly tested for drugs and alcohol to ensure they're not operating our vehicles under the influence

— Despite the cliché, Las Vegas wedding officiants are not permitted to marry anyone who is under the influence.

— Too many young pop singers and actors are arrested for driving under the influence these days.

— It’s important to monitor who your children’s friends are so that they don’t become under the influence of bad kids.


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