Idiom:  under arrest


Idiom:  under arrest

  • when the police take someone into custody (arrests them) and takes them to the police station

Note:  People are "put" or "placed" under arrest by the police.

Example sentences

— The police chased the criminals for five blocks before they captured them and placed them under arrest.

— The trial will be difficult because the policeman did not advise the defendant of his Miranda rights after he put him under arrest.

— How can you put her under arrest when she hasn't done anything?

— It was unjust how they also placed dozens of non-violent protesters under arrest.

— The police officer placed the man under arrest, he told him he had the right to remain silent and that any he said could be used against him in a court of law.

— How do I know if I'm under arrest or simply being detained?

— Is everyone put in handcuffs when they're under arrest?

— "Stop right there," the police officer yelled. "You're under arrest."

— Too many black people have recently been killed while under arrest in the United States.


  • taken into custody

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