Idiom:  turn up the heat

A boiling pot of water depicting the idiom


Idiom:  turn up the heat

  • to intensify criticism or pressure on someone

Example sentences

— Millions of people protesting in the streets have turned up the heat on the President to resign office.

— During interrogations police use a variety of tactics to turn up the heat to get information or confessions from suspects.

— What else can we do to turn up the heat on these unpaid accounts without losing customers? We've already suspended services and assessed late charges.

— I think it's time to turn up the heat and try to close the sale or we won't make our sales quota this month.

— My parents are turning up the heat on me to move back home so I really need to find a job soon or I won't have any choice.

— My girlfriend is turning up the heat for me to propose but I'm really not ready to get married and start a family.

— I felt so stressed out when my boss turned up the heat on us getting more customers to open a credit card. I don't like encouraging people to get in debt.

— The more you turn up the heat on this team to perform the worse they do. Perhaps what they need is more training on dealing with pressure situations.

— We had to turn up the heat with scarcity tactics to get clients to signup for our service.


  • tighten the screws on
  • put the squeeze on

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