Idiom:  turn something inside out


Idiom:  turn something inside out / turn a place inside out

  1. to completely affect or change something
  2. to search a place so thoroughly and quickly that you make a mess

Example sentences

— Having a baby has turned my life inside out.

— After I was promoted to director, my life was turned inside out.

— My whole world was turned inside out when my husband was seriously injured while on active duty in Iraq.

— My supervisor is turning the call center inside out and the younger employees are really happy about the changes.

— We turned the apartment inside out looking for my fiancé's engagement ring but we still haven't found it.

— What a mess!  Whenever my husband loses his keys he turns our flat inside out trying to quickly find them so he won't be late for work.

— When we entered our apartment, we knew we'd been robbed because the entrance way was turned inside out.

— Who turned this drawer inside out and left everything all over the floor?


  • turn something upside down

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