Idiom:  turn over a new leaf


Idiom:  turn over a new leaf

  • to behave in a different (better or more positive) way

Example sentences

— Every year on January 1st, millions of people try vow to turn over a new leaf and then stop trying after just a week.

— After I had a heart attack, I had to turn over a new leaf and begin to eat better and exercise regularly.

— I used to eat a lot of sugar but I turned over a new leaf after I was diagnosed with diabetes.

— When my son started dating Becky, he turned over a new leaf and his grades improved.

— When my husband started working out every day I turned over a new leaf and joined the gym too.

— We hope our children will turn over a new leaf and start getting along better when we move to the country.

— I used to smoke nonstop but when I began training to run a marathon I turned over a new leaf.

— My husband used to be so lazy but he turned over a new leaf after he got a FitBit and now he walks 10,000 steps religiously every day.


  • clean up act
  • do a 180 / do a one-eighty
  • reinvent oneself

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