Idiom:  turn into a pumpkin


Idiom:  turn into a pumpkin / pumpkin time

  • to feel the need to go to bed or go to sleep
  • used to indicate a curfew or a time you need to depart a place

Note:  This idiom comes from the fairy tale where Cinderella's Fairy Godmother transforms a pumpkin into a carriage so that she can get to the Prince's ball at the palace. However, at 12:00 midnight everything returns to normal, including the carriage turning back into a pumpkin so she needs to go home before that time.

Example sentences

— Can we leave now please? I'm turning into a pumpkin.

— We're about ready to turn into a pumpkin but Betty's been talking to that guy and doesn't want to leave.

— C'mon kids, it's pumpkin time. You need to sleep because you have school tomorrow.

— Sorry but we're leaving now. My wife turns into a pumpkin around 11:00 pm.

— I should have gone home early last night. I turned into a pumpkin well before the party ended and was so tired that I couldn't get up until noon today.

— My mom says I can go out tonight but I turn into a pumpkin at 9 o'clock, unfortunately.

— You keep yawning. I think you've turned in to a pumpkin and should get some sleep.

— Are they leaving already? Yes, I'm afraid Joe's turning into a pumpkin.

— It's almost midnight? That's pumpkin time for me, guys. See you tomorrow.

— I think I've turned into a pumpkin. Let's go home.


  • pumpkin time
  • get some shut-eye
  • put someone to bed
  • hit the sack
  • call it a day
  • get some Zs

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