Idiom:  too close to call


Idiom:  too close to call

  • something difficult to determine in advance (especially a competition or political race)

Example sentences

— The race for the governor is too close to call but I think our candidate will win.

— The polls before the election had our candidate winning by 9 points but now the race is too close to call

— The race was too close to call so the officials are reviewing the photo finish.

— Who won the election last night? When I went to sleep it was still too close to call.

— Both teams are highly ranked so it’s too close to call and there probably will be some luck involved for the winner.

— The election is still too close to call and they’re going to have to wait until all of the absentee ballots are counted.

— My dad's surgery went really well but unfortunately it’s still too close to call so please keep praying for him.

— I think we'll still be able to have the barbecue tomorrow afternoon but it's still too close to call whether or not it will rain.

— I thought their boat crossed the finish line first but it’s still too close to call—we’re waiting for the official announcement.

— I honestly don't know which wine I prefer. They're both fantastic so it's too close to call.


  • neck-and-neck

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