Idiom:  to a fault


Idiom:  to a fault

  • more of a good quality than is necessary or useful

Note:  We can all agree that it's great to have good qualities. But many things, in the extreme, are not good or helpful. This expressions describes those situations when a person's good qualities actually can cause problems or unwanted situations.

Example sentences

  • My mom is helpful to a fault and everyone takes advantage of her.
  • I'm generous to a fault and that's why I have no savings. 
  • That politician is honest to a fault and will never get reelected.

  • You're polite to a fault—that man was completely rude to you and you should have said something.

  • My father is loyal to his friends to a fault and it's gotten him in trouble before.

  • I wish you hadn't told your sister what we're doing. She's honest to a fault and will confess to your parents as soon as they ask her anything.

  • Being generous to a fault isn't always a good characteristic.

  • My housekeeper is hard-working to a fault. Sometimes she tries cleaning things that she shouldn't and she's ruined some of my clothes trying to be helpful.
  • You are honest to a fault! Sometimes you need to tell a white lie in order not to hurt people's feelings.

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