Idiom:  tip the scales at

Three Jack Russell puppies are standing in an old-fashioned scale depicting the idiom "tip the scales at." Caption: These puppies will tip the scale at 13 pounds when they are adults.


Idiom:  tip the scales at

  • to be a particular weight

Note: There is another idiom "tip the scales" but it has a different meaning. The idiom we are discussing here is "tip the scales AT" ... some particular weight measurement (e.g., kilo, pound, ounce, gram, ton, stone).

Example sentences

— I got serious about dieting after I tipped the scales at 165 pounds.

— Our luggage tipped the scales at 75 kg so we had to pay an extra $250!

— The boxer tipped the scales at 123 pounds (56 kg), exactly matching the bantamweight category limit.

— I was so embarrassed in gym class when I tipped the scales at 185 pounds, weighing more than all the boys in my class. 

— Today my miniature poodle tipped the scales at 4 kilos, so the vet said we need to get her on a regime to lose 2 kilos over the next two months. 

— After the doctor made me take off my shoes and clothes, I only tipped the scales at 77 pounds and my parents had me admitted to a program for my eating disorder.

— Every day we have a weigh-in and I tipped the scales at a pound higher than yesterday. Normally, I'd be devastated but now I understand it's because of water fluctuation.

— Have fun at the lake today. Would you believe I once caught a largemouth bass that tipped the scales at 18 pounds, 4 ounces?

— The doctors are encouraged. Sam tipped the scales at 108 lbs today, up from 106 lbs last week. 

— Our Rottweiler puppy already weighs 50 lbs (23 kg) at five months and will likely tip the scales 99 lbs (45kg) at 24 months when she's an adult.

— My wife tipped the scales at 22 stone and 7.5 pounds after struggling with postnatal depression following the birth of our twins.

— Do you tip the scales at your ideal weight? Or are you over/under that amount?

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