Idiom:  tickled to death


Idiom:  tickled to death

  • to be very pleased or happy about something
  • to be very amused

Example sentences

— We are tickled to death with our new puppy even though he’s always doing something naughty.

— I was tickled to death when my son called me "mamma" for the first time.

— My husband was tickled to death when he saw our son trying to pull the "strings" out of his coconut ice cream.

— My father is tickled to death I got a scholarship to Yale and he can't stop bragging to everyone about it. 

— Did you see how tickled to death the boss was with Tessa's presentation?  Of course Tessa never acknowledged that I designed it. 

— My cousin is tickled to death by her eight-year-old's bad behavior but no one else finds it very amusing. 

— We're tickled to death every time our two-year-old laughs. She sounds like an 80-year-old woman who's smoked cigarettes her whole life.

— My daughter is tickled to death she's been invited to her senior prom.


  • tickled pink
  • floating on air
  • pleased as punch

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