Idiom:  three little words


Idiom:  three little words

  • these three short words are "I love you"

Example sentences

— Finally, I was just about to say those three little words to my boyfriend when he told me he thought it would be better if we were just friends.

— My boyfriend keeps complaining that I never say those three little words but they are big words to me! I like him a lot but I just don't fall in love very easily.

— Those three little words mean everything on Valentine's Day.

— It was always really difficult for me to say those three little words to my parents. So I try to really show them with my actions.

— It really helped to hear my daughter say those three little words after I was laid off from my job.

— Why is it so hard to say those three little words? I really need to hear them and often!

— She always says those three little words but they don't mean much to her.

— I'm heartbroken and I don't want to hear those three little words ever again.

— Some families say those three little words all the time. Other families, like mine, rarely ever express their love out loud.

— If you can't say those three little words then at least buy her a Hallmark card.

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