Idiom:  tell someone to their face


Idiom:  to tell someone (something) to their face

  • say something in a clear and honest way that shows them what your really think (especially speaking this way to someone in person)

Example sentences

— I wish my girlfriend could tell me what the problem is to my face but she only talks to her girlfriends or mother.

— The supervisor was grateful his employee told him to his face that he was having problems with a co-worker so they could address the situation together.

— I was scared to tell my wife to her face that I wanted a divorce, but I finally did and she was okay with it. 

— It's usually best to tell people bad news to their face

— If my music was too loud, you could have told me to my face instead of calling my landlord. 

— I was afraid to tell my parents to their face that I was arrested so I asked my sister to tell them for me. 

— Our dog just died and my daughter will be devastated.  We could call her but I'd rather wait until she's home from camp to tell her the news to her face

— Has someone spoken to your manager? If not, I have no problem telling him the problem to his face.

— We will have to wait until Thanksgiving because we want to tell my mother to her face.


  • man to man
  • face to face
  • point-blank

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