Idiom:  talk some sense into someone


Idiom:  talk (some) sense into someone

  • to try to help someone to see a situation more realistically or seriously

Example sentences

— Please try to talk some sense into him—he wants to quit college with only one semester left.

— I’m glad my parents talked some sense into me when I was thinking of spending my savings on a Porsche Carrera.

— We've tried but it's just not possible to talk sense into teenagers

— How can I talk some sense into you? You cannot declare your cat as your dependent on your tax return! The consequences are so serious!

— Will you talk some sense into Jonathan? He's thinking about getting a divorce, quitting his job and moving to Mexico to "find himself."

— We never could talk any sense into our youngest son. He continues to go from one crazy idea to the next but we no longer invest in his business ventures.

— George, please try to talk sense into your mother. She's refusing her medication again.

— I'm trying to talk some sense into my roommate. She wants to get a huge skull tattoo on her face this time and it's going to kill her career prospects.

— We've tried and tried to talk some sense into her. That didn't work so we need to let her make mistakes so she can learn from them.

— I wish my parents had tried harder to talk sense into me and insisted I go to college. After five years working at the mall I'm barely making more than minimum wage.


  • knock some sense into someone
  • tell someone to wake up and smell the coffee
  • come to your senses
  • set someone straight
  • get through to someone

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