Idiom:  take the initiative


Idiom:  take the initiative

  • to be the first one to make an effort to do something

Example sentences

— To succeed in this company, you have to take the initiative and volunteer for projects.

— I got the job because I took the initiative to send them a proposal about how to market and sell their new product.

— Although we're very satisfied with your performance, we'd like to see you take the initiative more often in our marketing campaigns.

— Since you forgot your wedding anniversary, I took the initiative to purchase this birthday gift for your wife but I can return it if you bought something else.

— Why won't anyone on this team take the initiative instead of waiting for something to tell them exactly what to do?

— I took the initiative to look into airfare to Colorado and the tickets are reasonable if we book them by this weekend.

— I would really like to take the initiative at work but my boss is very threatened whenever I try to.

— If you want to date that guy, you're going to have to take the initiative and ask him out because he's overly shy.

— Everybody in this office complains when there are problems but nobody is willing to take the initiative to solve them.

— When my boss was out sick, I took the initiative to complete the monthly program report and he was thrilled with my work.


  • take the bull by the horns
  • take something upon oneself
  • step forward

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