Idiom:  take notice


Idiom:  take notice (of someone/something)

  • to give attention to something
  • to show interest in something

Example sentences

— A year ago I started to take notice of what the successful salespeople were doing and now I’m one of the top sellers for my company.

— Now that my daughter has started to wear makeup and style her hair, the boys have definitely begun to take notice.

— Did you take notice of Sandra's nose? I think she's had work done.

— I hardly took notice of the girl my son brought over for Thanksgiving and now they're engaged!

— Take notice of their home and tell me everything you see.

— Did anyone take notice of where we parked the car?

— Don't worry. No one's going to take notice of your tooth unless you tell them about it.

— Try to take notice of your surroundings while you travel throughout Africa. 

— I never took notice of babies until I got pregnant. Now, I see them everywhere.

— I wish my mother would take notice of her weight. She's gained at least 20 pounds since Christmas and she's not very healthy.


  • make a mental note
  • take note

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