Idiom:  take note (of someone/something)


Idiom:  take note (of someone/something)

  • to pay attention or give attention to something

Example sentences

  • Please take note of the requirements for completing this course—they're listed right here on the syllabus.
  • If you’re traveling to the beach this weekend, take note of the construction on I-95 and plan your travel accordingly.
  • What did you take note of at the conference?
  • Did you take note of the brand of ergonomic chairs at their office? They were so comfortable.
  • I did well on the exam because I took note of the questions our professor asked us in class.
  • My kids were quick to take note that we agreed to get them a dog next summer.
  • Take note of anything weird they ask you in the interview.
  • I tried to take note of the way the French girls dressed during our trip to Europe.
  • Did you happen to take note of how she folded the dinner napkins? I'd like to do the same for our party this weekend.
  • I wish I'd taken note of the place we left the trail. I think we're lost.


  • make a mental note
  • take notice

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