Idiom:  take forever

idiom take forever


Idiom:  take forever

  • to happen slowly or require a longer time that you would like

Note:  How long exactly is "forever." What about "forever and a day?" Well, forever is for all future time. It's never ending so it's clear that "forever" is used as way to exaggerate the length of time. It's used as a way to show something is not happening as quickly as desired.

Example sentences

— Let’s go somewhere else—it takes forever to get served at this restaurant on Friday nights.

— I thought it would take forever to get my driver’s license renewed but the whole process only took 20 minutes.

— What's wrong with the system today? It's taking forever to just pull up a client's account.

— It always takes forever at the emergency room. Unfortunately, the urgent care center closed at 9:00 this evening so I had no choice.

— Can we leave an hour earlier for the game? It always takes forever to find a parking space.

— My hairdresser took forever to put the rhinestones in my hair but the result was stunning.

— It's going to take forever to pick up those leaves by yourself. I'd be happy to help you this weekend.

— My husband always takes forever to decide what to order at the restaurant. It's so annoying.

— Let's just go home. It will take forever with that line for the women's bathroom.

— It felt like it took forever for the dentist to do my root canal but it was only 45 minutes total.

— I'm not sure if it was a bad sign when it took the groom forever to say "I do" during the wedding ceremony.

— The line to talk to the HR director took forever but we had no choice.


  • take forever and a day

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